How To Learn English

how can I learn english

  How should I learn English?

  This is a question we ask ourselves while we learn a language or in this case English. In my blog I will try to give you some advice that helped me learn this beautiful language. I do talk fluent and also write quite well but I still have a lot to learn. In this journey I hope we all will improve our English knowledge and be better and more confident talking it. So let us begin learning and talking!

Just click on the lesson down below and you will see the blog.

->    English Vocabulary 1       (Family Members)
->    English Vocabulary 2      (Cardinal Numbers)
->    English Vocabulary 3      (Ordinal Numbers)
->    English Vocabulary 4      (Vocabulary About Time)
->    English Vocabulary 5      (Body Parts)
->    English Vocabulary 6       (Days And Months)
->    English Vocabulary 7       (Colours/Colors)
->    English Vocabulary 8       (Countries And Nationalities)
->    English Vocabulary 9       (Home)
->    English Vocabulary 10     (Animals)
->    Daily English 1                  (Telling The Time)
->    Daily English 2                  (Telling Where You Are From)
->    English Grammar 1          ( Word Order In Sentences)