Motivation To Learn English

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The first step to learn a language -> Motivation
If you want to learn a language, the first thing you will need is motivation. Without it, you will not be able to learn it. Even with a bit motivation, it will be much easier to learn vocabulary or grammar!
I am sure if you are reading my blog you are a little interested so the first step is already done  :)
Also to wake up your interest you can watch YouTube videos or series in English. This will improve your listening and also your vocabulary if you watch them with subtitles.
The motivation will lead to starvation, which leads to an intense and concentrated learning phase.
So my advice would be, do not just learn for school learn for yourself because knowing a language will make you proud of yourself and you will be able to talk and understand 1 billion people. Is this not amazing?
So first wake up your interests and then go on with the lessons.( Click on this link for the lessons.)