Telling The Time

asking the time in english

Telling The Time

Telling the time is a very basic thing. In this lesson you will learn how to ask and also how to respond to this question. If you don't know the numbers yet, then go to the lesson by clicking on the link (Cardinal Numbers).

You could ask ;

What is the time?/ What's the time?
What time is it?

Answering the question;

You can say "It is..." or  "The time is...".

4.00                      It is four/4 o'clock
4.02                      It is two minutes past four/4.
4.05                      It is five* past four.                                               We don't say minute, if the
4.08                      It is eight minutes past four.                                    minute ends with 5 or 0.
4.10                      It is ten past  four.
4.15                      It's a quarter past four.
4.20                      It's twenty past four.
4.22                      It's twenty-two minutes past four.
4.30                      It's half past four.
4.40                      It's twenty to* five.                                                
4.45                      It's a quarter to five.                              
4.50                      It's ten to five.                                                       
4.58                      It's two minutes to five.   

* After "half past" we count the minutes to the next hours. We say it's X minutes to...